Monday, February 22, 2016


I hated these pants when I first saw them. I was all, "nah, you missed on this one Zara". And then I kept thinking about them, and smiled when I realized the print reminded me of the wallpaper in my childhood bedroom. And then I fell in love, as one does. You may hate them initially too, but wait a minute...they'll grow on you. So how to wear them?

For weekends, they're easy. A turtleneck sweater would be good, and a white tee and cool sneakers would be very chic and unfussy. But I think they're most fun (and unexpected) dressed up for work. You won't be able to wear these very often unless you want to encourage lame comments from your co-workers -- "Look, you're wearing your crazy pants again!"-- so pull them out sparingly and have fun building some really interesting looks.

the aforementioned crazy pants, a whimsical print in a modern cut // the best match for a bold print is a subtle print, like this great windowpane blouse // your favorite preppy blazer pulls everything together // more pattern-mixing with a graphic handbag // very tailored, very feminine heels make a casual pair of pants more elegant 

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