Monday, February 15, 2016


I have a newish obsession with sneakers. Not the clunky ones I wear when I'm sweating and cursing on the treadmill, but the funky cool ones you can pass off as a valid footwear choice. They add a quirky twist to your real clothes and make leggings and a tee look like a legit outfit. In other words, a total closet MVP. I've convinced myself that I just love the way they look, but it's possible that in my 30s I just. can't. even. with shoes that pinch my toes and give me blisters. Either way: gimme.

For spring there are lots of neutrals and sweet pastels (Pastels? For spring? Groundbreaking.) I don't know how many pair of sneakers one girl needs, but these eight should be a good start:


top row:

Brooks is my brand of choice for running shoes, and I'm seriously in love with the pale pink and gold color combo of this casual pair.

I wouldn't mind if every pair of shoes had rose gold cap toes

Stella McCartney is one of those rare designers who actually makes activewear that you can be active in (sorry, Tory). I wouldn't run a marathon in these cute dusty pink sneakers, but they seem like they'd hold up to a long walk, a friendly tennis match, or one of those hateful "team-building" activities companies sometimes force people to participate in. (If your company does that, you should find a new job.)

I knew Zara would come through with a decent version of Loeffler Randall's coveted (and pricey) Rio trainers. Who knew neutrals could looks so sharp? I'm not usually a fan of such an obvious knock-off, but I'm also not a fan of paying $300 for sneakers, so....

bottom row:

Nike does a pretty great job of marrying form and function -- you could make these work for your Saturday morning run and your Saturday night fun.

New Balance is usually the brand of choice for fashionable sneaker lovers. I'm digging this pair because they are basically Cate Blanchett's stunning Givenchy dress (Oscars 2011) in sneaker form, which is weird but awesome. 

A pair of gray Sauconys is so classic, but the pops of pink and yellow add a little extra personality.

If obnoxiously loud gold sneakers are wrong, I don't want to be right.


  1. That top left pair--swoon! I don't think I'm 'cool' enough to pull out sneakers like this, but if I were, I would get some with gold on them!