Tuesday, February 23, 2016

mission to mars

For me, there are two things that turn a nice room into a perfect, cozy space: what's on the windows and what's on the walls. All of the gorgeous couches and rugs and duvet covers in the world won't matter if the windows aren't dressed and the art is lame (or worse, nonexistent).

Good art is usually expensive and affordable art is usually dreadful, so I'm always on the hunt for interesting artwork that don't cost an arm and a leg. Sometimes you find it in the unlikeliest of places, like NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's website (admit it, you've never looked there). But you should now, because you'll find a collection of vibrant and imaginative travel posters that are out of this world. They have a sort of innocent, exuberant WPA quality that I love, and the images themselves are just dreamy. You can download the poster-size images for free or, if you're lazy like me and won't actually go to Staples to print an image, you can order posters of some of the designs here.

Sign me up for The Grand Tour...

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