Monday, February 15, 2016

easy monday

Sometimes you need a few pieces in your closet that require no thought, no fussing. They're the opposite of problem children -- they're the obedient, sensible first-borns who can always be counted on. This smart gray turtleneck is one of those good eggs.

Malene Birger is one of my favorite designers. My fantasy closet is filled with Malene's chic separates, Self-Portrait dresses, a few pair of MiH jeans, and a great Chanel jacket or two (in case you were wondering). I'm hoping this sweater is still available after my February shopping fast ends because I will give it a very good home.

It's the perfect thing for throwing on a Monday when you just need things to be easy, like when you spent the weekend a bit drunk in love and are nursing a post-Valentine hangover. Or maybe you stayed up too late binge watching the final episodes of Mad Men, which are finally (finally!) on Netflix.

The star of this look is, of course, this simple By Malene Birger wool turtleneck. Ideal for both work and play, totally timeless. For the office, I'd go with some comfy, slim ankle pants to balance out the sweater's oversized silhouette. I'm dying for a pair of tortoiseshell shoes, which have the magical ability to go with everything yet not be totally boring. And then you have a blank canvas for showing off your favorite jewelry. Since I'm still feeling some holiday weekend warm fuzzies, I like this bold "Love" cuff with a cool agate bracelet. A proper lipstick feels like the perfect way to finish off a lady-like look -- I love this pinky-nude shade.

ETA: Ugh, it looks like this sweater just sold out. Hoping for a popback at Net-a-Porter, but it is available online here. I also found a few similar options here, here, and here...but honestly, none are scratching my itch. I may have to go out and anger-buy a $40 Gucci lipstick on March 1st to make myself feel better.

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