Wednesday, February 10, 2016

the good stuff, vol. 1

Here are some of the things I've been digging this week...


Someone actually put themselves on the Gilmore Girls diet...and lived! Those girls sure could pack away the junk food (and still fit into their early 00's bootcut jeans).

Kate Spade is launching Broome Street, a more casual line that seems a bit like Saturday part two. Honestly, I feel like you could find a lot of those pieces at Old Navy (for a teeny tiny fraction of the price).

Everyone in NYC has a crazy story, but the one about a rat who went from rags to (Broadway) riches and then died just days later is truly unbelievable.

I've always loved Humans of New York, but I think this week's focus on inmate stories is really remarkable.

Not much new here, but it's helpful to have a list of great online shopping resources all in one handy place.

Low maintenance skincare and beauty is all the rage right now -- Milk Makeup is a new line that appeals to the busy girl who still wants to look cool.

Good news, in 2018 we'll finally be able to get Hamilton tickets!

I have a serious case of wanderlust and this article about Istanbul's Grand Bazaar is not helping...


Samantha Bee is kicking ass and taking names. The first episode of Full Frontal was smart and funny and pretty damn ballsy, and I don't know why it's only on once a week.

Formation -- hmmm mmm

Do you know who Amanda Chantal Bacon is? You may be more familiar with her very, very fussy diet, which made the rounds this week. This spoof video is hilarious without being too mean (he uses her own words!)

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