Sunday, March 13, 2016

coffee (table) talk

When I fantasize about hitting the jackpot in Vegas or scoring a lottery windfall, it's the possibility of little luxuries that excite me most: Chipotle for lunch every day (oh, I know guacamole is extra), weekly blowouts, and best of all, the ability to buy all of the books that my little heart desires.

I mean, I'm sure I'd buy a fancy house and expensive shoes and all of that stuff, but...I really love books (#sorrynotsorry Marie Kondo).

Right now I'm dreaming about coffee table books, because there are so many good ones coming out soon! Unfortunately my coffee table is always bigger than my book budget, but here's what's on my wish list...

Isaac Mizrahi
This gorgeous book is being released in conjunction with the Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly Life exhibit opening at The Jewish Museum next week. I can't say how exactly, but my job has involved working on this exhibit in a small way and it looks AMAZING. I've always loved Isaac's style and have a soft spot for him as he really blazed the trail for the modern high/low designer collaboration (RIP, Isaac Mizrahi for Target).

Things Neatly Organized
A fun read for those type-A obsessives who love keeping things tidy and organizing by color. The cover is sort of mesmerizing, isn't it?

The colorful, wanderlust-inspiring photographs of Gray Malin collected in one lovely place. I'd never thought about changing my coffee table books seasonally, but this would be a great one for the top of the pile once May rolls around (or for my beach house, definitely #4 on my list of things to spend my lottery winnings on).

Hamilton: The Revolution
I have known about Hamilton: The Musical for years, and I knew it would be great but never could have predicted this level of hysteria (why, why, why didn't I buy tickets months ago??). Until I finally get to see the show, this behind-the-scenes look will have to hold me over.

Botticelli Reimagined
I'm not necessarily a huge Botticelli fan, but l love the idea of looking at the way one great artist has influenced some of my favorite contemporary artists, musicians, and designers.

Painting Central Park
I spotted this sweet looking book in the gift shop last time I was at The Met. Central Park has always been a bit of a mystery to me (I always, always, always get lost), but I'd like to know it better. Maybe there's a pretty little map in here somewhere...

Love Style Life
This has been out for a few months, but I'm dying to read it and dying to display it. Blush, black, and gold - is there a more perfect color palette?

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