Thursday, March 10, 2016

the good stuff, vol. 5

On my list this week...


Lanvin's F/W2016 show looked like the collection of Project Runway's second runner-up (i.e., Alber Elbaz might be feeling some pretty good schadenfreude right now).

I love Jezebel calling out J. Crew for shoving a metric (fuck) ton of gingham down our throats this season (I'm no fan of gingham, unless I'm dressing a picnic table).

Fun new buys in store at Sephora this spring (those Derek Lam fragrances look so chic).

A woman eats a sandwich, and somehow this is news.

Adding this tiny but super popular Airbnb rental to my travel bucket list.

Wherever your political allegiances lie, can we just agree that it is completely embarrassing that someone dressed up as a Mexican border wall for a Trump rally? Bad even for Orlando standards...

Jennifer Garner reminds us that she is a delight, even if she sometimes has questionable taste in movies and husbands (bonus points for dropping one of the greatest burns in recent history -- bless his heart, indeed).

Anthropologie's housewares section is awesome, and may one day surpass their clothing business.

Oprah cleaned her closet! And you can buy her castoffs -- I'm scoping out the shoes, cause O and I wear the same unfortunate size.

J. Crew has given it's maligned Tilly sweater the Mean Girls treatment -- are all of their problems solved? We shall see...

Fashion is boring and everyone's sales are down (but people are buying lingerie, so that's good?)

If Mad Men was ultimately the story of Peggy Olson, Downton Abbey ended up being much more about Lady Edith's story than we ever could have expected (warning: ALL THE SPOILERS)


Spike Jonze had a very different vision for the opening of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

I can't keep up with all of the great late night TV -- we are living in the golden age of talk shows! -- but I find myself staying awake too late to watch @Midnight most nights. Hashtag Wars is, of course, the best game and I loved this Florida-themed edition.

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