Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rodarte x And Other Stories

Crushed under a mountain of work, somehow I missed the launch of a very fabulous Rodarte capsule collection with & Other Stories (H&M's baby sister). The collection is cool and glam with a 70s Biba-vibe. The limited color palette (black and white, metallics, and pops of pink and red) makes everything feel really cohesive and super easy to work into your closet.

There were some quick sell-outs, but there are still a few gems available. Happy shopping!

This sequin wrap dress is over-the-top in a wonderful way.

Such a perfect little ring, maybe it will come back in stock (please?)... 

Just the shoes to fulfill my inner-Dorothy fantasies. So sexy.

Blush pink usually gives a fresh, innocent vibe but when I look at this super pretty wrap number I think "this dress has seen some things..."

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