Tuesday, March 1, 2016

no regrets

I think a morning routine is important. Some people meditate. Many take time to write. Others go straight for a big cup of coffee and some breakfast. I open my laptop, surf over to jcrew.com and type the words "bow embellished" in the search bar. Super normal, right?

I try not to live with regrets, but every so often a sartorial conquest slips away and I can't quite move on. While I'm waiting for a sale or waffling about a purchase, my beloved sells out and I'm crushed. This happens pretty much every season, and so I've developed a habit of starting my day by checking various websites to see if new stock has popped up. Sometimes I also hit up eBay and Poshmark, because I am thorough. And obsessed. And I don't meditate.

Here's what I'm pining over right now:

I ordered this sweet little bow-embellished (hey, remember that term? From way back at the start of this post?) top after Christmas. Scored a sweeeet deal.  Sadly, I didn't open the box for about 3 weeks (was an insanely busy time) and when I did, I was so bummed to see that I'd accidentally received the wrong color and the shirt was almost completely sold out. Sadly it's the tiny sizes that seem to pop back into stock (and I know this top runs a little small), but I'm still hoping I'll catch one.

I didn't see this bag until after it had been marked way down (and of course, sold out), but I can't help but hope I get a little lucky. So great, right? It's very fancy and proper, but I think it has a bit of a wild side that wants to come out and play.

I've been looking for a pair of tortoiseshell shoes forever, and these were perfectly sweet and totally affordable. I put off placing an order until it was way too late. Dumb.

This one is long sold out, but I'm crossing my fingers for a resale option. I had passed it up last year because I told myself I had too many striped shirts, but that shoulder detail is really great. And what's sad is that sometimes when I'm trying to decide what to wear in the morning, this shirt pops into my head. Even though I don't own it!

Finally, an oldie but goodie -- I don't know where I was when this candy stripe Tippi was out, but I should have been in line at J. Crew buying the happiest sweater ever. Sigh.

Have you ever missed out on something and regretted it later? Do you keep chasing, or just...let it go?

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