Saturday, March 5, 2016

saturday night superhero

Sometimes the best part of going out is getting dressed for it. You never know what a big night out is going to bring, so it doesn't hurt to work a bit of a superhero vibe to get yourself in the right mindset: ready for anything, not taking any shit.

saturday night superhero

every superhero needs a cape -- this sequin jacket cape is very sleek and fab, a great nighttime outerwear option (because wearing your daytime coat never feels right) // a black jumpsuit is the easiest when you literally need to suit up // an all-black canvas, including a simple clutch, makes your rad accessories pop // I love the idea of one of these chunky bracelets on each wrist, Wonder Woman-style // rainbow lace-up booties definitely say kickass

ETA: and now the jumpsuit is sold out. Super bummer. A few more to try: ads for this jumpsuit have made a permanent home on my Facebook feed (being retargeted like whoa), but I do like it. This cropped one would be even better for showing off those badass boots. And this one looks super comfy.


  1. This is perfect! Love the all black with the fun sequins and pop of color(s!) with the rainbow shoes.

    1. I really want those shoes! Maybe I can convince five friends who wear the same size to go in together on them and we can each have custody 2 months a year ;)