Tuesday, March 15, 2016

modern mary

I wanted to write a post about Mary Tyler Moore being one of my first style icons, but I feel like that ages me more than I'd like to admit. Sigh. Does anyone even remember Mary?

I discovered The Mary Tyler Moore Show years ago when Nick at Nite was the channel of choice for chronic night owls and they played some seriously old-school shows (and I don't mean reruns of Friends). In a nutshell, Mary Richards -- played by the extraordinary Mary Tyler Moore -- had a great job and a funky little apartment and wonderful best friend and a messy personal life and it all seemed pretty great to me. It was one of the first times I was really excited about the prospect of adulting -- she had a life that I totally wanted.
Mary also had pretty killer style. Mini skirts, scarves, and platforms shoes were staples, and when I saw this tweed mini I found myself building a very Mary-esque look. I call this Modern Mary because of a few easy updates: a cheery spring color palette (no sepia-toned 70's hues here) and some next-level pattern mixing. A look perfectly suited for my current life (great job, sweet apartment, disastrous personal life)...

my favorite striped shirt, a real wardrobe staple // a vibrant scarf that is an easy transition to spring // this bright, tiny bag won't hold much but sometimes it's good to pare down to the essentials // this tweed mini is timeless and will work nearly year-round // if they're as comfortable as they look, I feel like I'd wear these python platforms all the time

Tweed minis seem to be the thing for spring, here are a few other good options:

Kate Spade Mohair Mini // TopShop Check Mini // Loft Button Tab Tweed Skirt (on sale!)

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