Sunday, March 27, 2016

i'm just here for the candy

Happy Easter! As a single 30-something far from home, this isn't really a big day for me. I'm planning to grab brunch with friends and maybe see a movie, but it's not really so different from any other Sunday. But! I am definitely planning on partaking in one of the best Easter traditions: the candy. Easter candy is the. best.

I came across a few great candy-related recipes that I'm definitely going to be trying today. Delicious sugar high guaranteed.

Truffle Bunny Shots

A cocktail you make in the hollows of a chocolate Easter bunny. I saw this and just thought, I'm not using my brain to it's fullest potential. Genius.

Peeps S'mores Skillet

There really is no candy that says Easter more than those sickly sweet and colorful Peeps. You can take them to the next level with this rich and gooey layered s'mores dessert.

Easter Candy Bark

Candy bark is super easy to make and is a great way to get a lot of sugar bang for your buck -- this one has a magical unicorn quality that I'm digging.

Bunny Shortbread

This is an elegant little dessert -- you'd never know that several chocolate bunnies had to die in order to make it happen.


  1. I feel like I haven't yet lived as an adult after seeing those bunny shots! I just might have to stop by the store for some clearance candy and make it happen!

    1. Right?! So good. I actually tried to hit up CVS last night and there were NO bunnies left. We had to make do with the Peeps s'mores (also very good), but I am going in search of a few leftover bunnies this week because I think Friday night needs to be Truffle Bunny Shot night ;)